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[1.2.07 - 10:21pm]

So our favourite boy had a photoshoot do day and here are some/most of the photos.
a little taste,
Up In Smoke

[12.20.06 - 8:18pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey you all.. 

Tony has new (old) Christmas songs..

Check'm out 

So yeah. I love me some tony. And some Steph so is the Lurker Queen and she hooked me up with this sweet ass icon. there is also one with out the heart. 

Ah soo full of love. oh man. 

ok love you guys.

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[11.23.06 - 10:05pm]

Sooo we have a new member YEAH ( that makes three) hahahahahaha
New Song on his myspace (I know you to know but still) www.myspace.com/tonysorrentinomusic 
what else OH yes three days of high plays. is myspace fixed? Are his plays in the 1000's and this is all we're seeing? WHO KNOW? But I'm happy. 
Love tonys little one-girl street team.... (I'm in love with this)
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[11.2.06 - 12:53pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
New song, not on myspace. 

On the topic of myspave, it's broken again! 

Tony is now a telemarketer. Hahahaha, I'm a Jerk.


Up In Smoke

[10.2.06 - 8:41pm]

It's been a while.

Tony's myspace play counter has finally been fixed. 

There is a new song up. 
And he is a cute and wonderful as ever.
Up In Smoke

[9.3.06 - 12:45pm]

He's back from tour with a new song up and new photos!

Check it out!
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[8.8.06 - 12:05am]

So it's been a bit.

He's had some really good show lately. 
He's got a summer demo cd out that you can buy for a Dollar
He's going on Tour with Camrie ( http://www.myspace.com/camriemusic  )
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[7.16.06 - 6:16pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hooray! the lay out is amazing!.

Tony is actually back from camping. "It was ok" and that's a quote. 

Yesterday myspace play total (when I went to bed) was 73, not the highest it's been, but the highest it has been in the last few weeks.

I am a wear that I am mostly posting this for Dana and I, and maybe Tony. But that cool.

well I must start on my myspace advertising, we stand at 30 plays and it had better be at lest 65 when I go to bed.

Also there is a rummer going round, about new songs, and maybe an EP? gotta get the plays up kids.

Up In Smoke

[6.28.06 - 2:25pm]

We are in Medias Res
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